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digital two-wire aluminum ultrasonic level meter sensor

digital two-wire aluminum ultrasonic level meter sensor

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YC-GR series digital two-wire aluminum ultrasonic level meter is our company learned a variety of similar products at home and abroad and the advantages of the development of two-wire ultrasonic measurement products. Using the latest energy-saving components, the machine operating current is less than 3.5mA, can work reliably in the 9-32V DC power supply voltage. Using cast aluminum shell, comes with LCD display, easy to set the scene. So it can be widely used in material level, liquid level measurement and control related to various fields. The upgraded version joins the HART protocol communication support, which compensates the shortcomings of the two-wire instrument without data output and can communicate directly with the HART field instrument.



1.Adjust analog signal output

2,Backup and restore settings.

3, Digital filtering and echo recognition

4,Suitable for harsh environment


1,Water industry (pumping stations, biochemical reaction pool, sedimentation tank etc.)

2,Electric power, mine industy

3,Food industry



Range2m5m8m、10m、12m、15m20m、25m、30m option

Blind area:<0.25- 1.5m

Minimum display resolution:1mm

Frequency :20 KHz~43.0KHz         



Signal output:0~20mA ((0~1KΩ)

Work power DC2432V                        

Case MaterialAluminum

Sensor material:ABSplasticsNylon                         

Interface:M20X1.5 (2 group)      

Protection grade:IP65  and EXiaII BT4Gb

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