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ultrasonic level meter with high precision and small blind area

ultrasonic level meter with high precision and small blind area

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YC-T series ultrasonic level meter with high precision and small blind area is our company designed for small blind area, high precision, small space conditions of measurement and control and developed. Which is the first blind area is less than 0.06m, the accuracy of up to 1mm ultrasonic ranging products of China. The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic waterproof shell, the probe part is PP or stainless steel, transparent cover design, stable performance and convenient observation. Therefore, the utility model can be widely used in various fields of material level and liquid level measurement and control. This product has been approved by the national authority inspection



1, Suitable for harsh environment

2,Strong anti-interference

3,4~20MA current output, optional field bus interface

4,Can measure the object position, level, volume and weight etc.

5,First 0.06m small blind area level meter of China.



1,Water industry (pumping stations, biochemical reaction pool, sedimentation tank etc.)

2,Electric power, mine industy

3,Food industry




Blind area:<0.06- 0.15m

Minimum display resolution:1mm

Maximum error:<+/-1MM, <+/-1.5MM(depend on range)               

Frequency :40 KHz~430.0KHz   

DisplayFour bit eight LED digital tube ,LCD(option)

Analog signal output:0~20mA;4~20mA>300Ω;0~5V;1~5V;010V;1~10V

Digital output:RS485(support Modbus)

Switch output:3 lines NPN 

Work power DC12—24V                        

Case Material:ABSplastics

Protection grade:IP65  and EXiaII BT4Gb

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