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Chinese and English bilingual menu ultrasonic level meter

Chinese and English bilingual menu ultrasonic level meter

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YC-NA series Chinese and English bilingual menu ultrasonic level meter  is based on many years of experience in our application development, manufacture of universal ultrasonic meter. To achieve a full digital, user-friendly design concept, I became the upgrading of high-end products. The shell is made of waterproof shell, adopts the international general electrical interface, has the standard wiring terminal, has the waterproof seal cover. A large scale integrated circuit is used to reduce the power consumption to a very low level. Large screen display in both Chinese and English menu. The main chip adopts the imported industrial grade single-chip microcomputer and dozens of related special integrated circuit. The utility model has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, can set the upper and lower limit nodes and the online output adjustment, and the utility model has the field display, and the analog quantity, the switch quantity and the RS485 output can be selected, and the utility model can be conveniently connected with the relevant facilities. This product has been approved by the state authority, which is in line with the national standard.




1, Built-in GPRS, Wifi.

2,Backup and restore settings.

3,Can measure the object position, level, volume and weight etc.

4, Can adjust the analog output

5, Digital filtering and echo recognition

6,Chinese and English bilingual menu




1,Water industry (pumping stations, biochemical reaction pool, sedimentation tank etc.)

2,Electric power, mine industy

3,Food industry





Range3m5m8m、10m、12m、15m option

Blind area:<0.25- 1.5m

Minimum display resolution:1mm               

Frequency :20 KHz~2000KHz   


Display1.8 inch Chinese LCD

Analog signal output:0~20mA;4~20mA>300Ω;0~5V;010V

Digital output:RS485(support Modbus)

Switch output:2 lines NPN (AC:5A 250V DC:10A 24V) 

Work power DC12—24V or AC220V(option)                        

Case MaterialAluminum

Sensor Material: ABSplasticsNylon               

Interface:M20X1.5(2 groups)     

Protection grade:IP65  and EXiaII BT4Gb

Product SizeΦ115mm×215mm×M67

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