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aluminum three-wire ultrasonic level meter

aluminum three-wire ultrasonic level meter

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YC-GA series Auminum three-wire ultrasonic level meter is make from a variety of domestic and international level instrument advantages. To achieve a full digital, user-friendly design concept, I became the upgrading of high-end products. The shell is made of aluminum waterproof shell, using the international general electric interface. Standard terminal, convenient for construction and installation; transparent observation window, more convenient data observation. It has high reliability. Pollution-free。 Stable performance. Do not have to contact the industrial media can meet most of the liquid level, material level measurement requirements. Completely solve the traditional measurement methods bring many disadvantages. The utility model can be widely used in various fields of material level and liquid level measurement and control. This product after the inspection approval authority of the state, the product conforms to the requirements of the national standard GB3836.12010 and GB3836.420010, explosion proof mark: ExiaIIBT4Gb.



1,International electrical interface easy to take.

2,,The sensor is strong and stable for harsh industrial situations.

3,strong anti-interference

4,4~20MA current output, optional field bus interface

5,Can manually set blind area



1,Water industry (pumping stations, biochemical reaction pool, sedimentation tank etc.)

2,Electric power, mine industy

3,Food industry



Range2m5m8m、10m、12m、15m20m、25m、30m option

Blind area:<0.25- 1.5m

Minimum display resolution:1mm               

Frequency :20 KHz~2000KHz   



Analog signal output:0~20mA;4~20mA>300Ω;0~5V;010V

Digital output:RS485(support Modbus)

Switch output:2 lines NPN  

Work power DC12—24V or AC220V                        

Case MaterialAluminum

Sensor Material: ABSplasticsNylon               

Interface:M20X1.5(2 groups)     

Protection grade:IP65  and EXiaII BT4Gb


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