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universal ultrasonic level meter

universal ultrasonic level meter

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YC-A series universal ultrasonic level meter is based on our company for many years the development and manufacture of universal ultrasonic liquid level meter experience. It drawing on variety of advantages at home and abroad. To achieve a full digital, easy to operate the design concept, with good data transmission and man-machine communication functions. Compact structure, reasonable layout. We can also add modules according to customer needs to achieve other functions (such as: Bluetooth, GPRS communications, etc.). At the same time, this product has high reliability, no pollution, stable performance, no need to contact with industrial media to meet most of the liquid level, material level measurement requirements. Completely solve the traditional measurement methods of winding, plug, leakage, medium corrosion, maintenance and other shortcomings. Therefore, the utility model can be widely used in various fields of material level, liquid level measurement and control.



1, Built-in GPRS, Wifi.

2,Backup and restore settings.

3,Can measure the object position, level, volume and weight etc.

4, Can adjust the analog output

5, Digital filtering and echo recognition



1,Water industry (pumping stations, biochemical reaction pool, sedimentation tank etc.)

2,Electric power, mine industy

3,Food industry





Range2m5m8m、10m、12m、15m20m、25m、30m option

Blind area:<0.25- 1.5m

Minimum display resolution:1mm

Frequency :20 KHz~2000KHz         



Analog signal output:0~20mA;4~20mA>300Ω;0~5V;010V

Digital output:RS485(support Modbus)

Switch output:2 lines NPN/Relay(AC:5A 250V DC:10A 24V)

Work power DC12—24V or AC220V                        



Protection grade:IP65  and EXiaII BT4Gb

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