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hydraulic pressure hand pump

hydraulic pressure hand pump

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Hand hydraulic pressure pump high pressure  


Description of hand pressure pump:

Pressure pump is a portable handheld pressure pump. Instruments for testing various types of pressure calibration instrumentation and control room on-site installation of industrial processes used. Pressure source is also available for the pressure measurement instruments factory calibration. Within each Where 60Mpa type pressure transmitters, pressure sensors and a variety of pressure gauges


Technical parameters of  hand pressure pump :

1 Output pressure: 0 ~ 60Mpa 
2 Working environment: 
a: Temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C b: Relative humidity: ≤ 100% 
3 Weight: ≤ 0.8Kg 
4 Table connector thread: M14 × 1.5 thread (exports by 1/4NPT), high-pressure hose connector thread: M20 × 1.5 thread (exports by 1/2NPT)  requirements  

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