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Back Pressure regulator

Back Pressure regulator

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YR 32 Series back pressure regulator adopts piston decompression structure, outlet pressure is stable, mainly used to meet high inlet pressure requirements, the max inlet pressure is 10000 psig, is suitable for high purity gas, standard gas, and liquid.

Application scope

Laboratory, Gas analysis test, Fluid control, Petrochemical industry, Test Equipment

Basic parameters

Max inlet pressure: 10000psigg

Outlet pressure: 0~500,0~1500,0~3000,0~6000 psigg

Safety testing pressure: 1.5 times of maximum inlet pressure

Working temperature: -40℉~+445℉(-40℃~+230℃)  

Leakage rate:  Bubble test

CV value: 0.08

Weight: About 2 kg


Valve body: 316L

O-ring: Buna-N Teflin  Vespel

Seal parts: Pctfe

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