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High temperature melt pressure tranmitter

High temperature melt pressure tranmitter

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High temperature Melt Pressure Transmitter 

Characteristics and Applications

Rigid rod and hose isolation, isolation diaphragm structure, medium temperature below 450 ℃, with good stability and accuracy; used in rubber, plastics, chemical fiber polyester nylon, polyester, and other mechanical equipment of high-temperature steam fluid / gmedia pressure measurement and control. melt pressure Transmitters




 Chemical fiber Equipment

 Plastic and Rubber manufacturing equipment

 Medicine & Food process equipment ,

 Drinking water environmental monitoring occasion

 Other pressure measurement and Control


The main technical parameters

Range: 0 ~ 1-300MPa

Overall accuracy: 0.25% FS; 0.5% FS

Output: 2.0mV / V; 4 ~ 20mA; 0 ~ 5V; 1 ~ 5V; 0 ~ 10V

Calibration signal: 80% FS calibration; zero and span adjustment

Working temperature: -10 ~ 450 ℃

Supply voltage: Sensor: 10VDC (6-12VDC) transmitter: 24VDC (9 ~ 36 V)

Long-term stability: 0.1% FS / year

Insulation resistance: more than 2000MΩ 100VDC

Vibration: 20HZ-1KHZ to mechanical vibration, the output changes less than 0.1% FS

Sealing class: IP65

Signal leads: five-pin connector 5pin

Structural dimensions: long straight bar 152mm, hose length: 470mm

Threaded connection: M14X1.5 (Universal); M16X1.5; M18X1.5; M20X1.5; M22X1.5 (Universal) Other threads can design melt pressure transmitter


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