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HAVC pressure transmitter

HAVC pressure transmitter

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Clean Room Pressure Differential pressure transmitter

Clean Room Pressure differential pressure transmitter detect differential pressure or gauge pressure then convert this
pressure difference to a proportional analogue output
signal. Two output version are offered: Voltage output
of 0~10VDC, and a current output 4-20mA. Its ranges from 0~±50Pa
to 0~±10000Pa. These transmitters boast of their
outstanding performance,high quality and economical
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Energy Management System
Static Duct Pressure
Clean Room Pressure
Over Pressurization and Furnace Draft Control
Media:Air and neutral gases.

Accuracy:  ±1.0%FS
Compensated temperatures:  -10~+60℃
Zero/Full range deviation %FS/℃:±0.01
Over pressure capacity:  ×15
Output signal:  0~5/10VDC\3-wire 4~20mA\2-wire
Supply voltage:  0~5/10VDC\16~30VDC 4~20mA\10~30VDC
Ambient temperature:  -10~60℃

Mechanical parameters
Industrial plastic,fire resistance
level per UL94-V0.
Pressure connection Ribbed Ø 6.2 mm
Cable gland For cables Ø 8 mm maximum
Weight  140g


Unidirectional                Bidirectional                                  Output
101G = 0-100Pa         051D = 0±50Pa                  AL = 4~20mA
251G = 0-250Pa         101D = 0±100Pa                VL = 0~10VDC
501G = 0-500Pa          251D = 0±250Pa               VZ = 0~5 VDC
102G = 0-1000Pa       501D = 0±500Pa 
252G = 0-2500Pa       102D = 0±1000Pa 
502G = 0-5000Pa        252D = 0±2500Pa 
103G = 0-10,000Pa     502D = 0±5000Pa 
                                     103D = 0±10,000Pa 

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