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oil filled electric contact pressure gauge

oil filled electric contact pressure gauge

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YX Electric contact pressure gauge is mainly used for controlling pressure and alarming in automatic process industry. When measured pressure reaches rated value, it can output signals to operate auto-controlling and alarming.It is suitable for measuring pressure of gas or liquid that does not copper and corrupt copper alloy.With the over voltage protection, without filling oil does characteristics and so on. 

Novel design and reliable in structure, good movement stability, durable.Simple installation , small amount of maintenance




It consist of measuring system, indicating devices, magnetic devices ,shell, adjusting device and junction boxes and other components. When the measured pressure contact the spring tube, its end produce the corresponding elastic deformation - displacement, after transmission amplification by the pointing device is indicated on the dial. The pointer drive instantaneous contact (upper or lower) movable contact and setting pointer electric contact means on contact, causes the control system turned on or off the circuit, in order to achieve automatic control and alarm transmission.

Electrical contact pins in the electrical signal of the contact device, provided with adjustable permanent magnet, suction can increase the contact, the contact to accelerate the action, so that access to reliable contact, arc extinction, the meter can effectively prevent vibrations due to the working environment or medium pressure pulsation caused by frequent contacts off. Therefore, the instrument has a reliable action, long life and large, contact switch power and other advantages.


Technical indicators:                                                 

Accuracy class:±1.6% or ±2.5%

Case sizes: 4 and 6 inches

Case materials: Plastic and stainless steel

Tube and socket: Brass, stainless steel and 316 stainless steel

Element: Brass, stainless steel and 316 stainless steel 

Connection thread: NPT , BSP, BSPT and other special specification

Connection: bottom connection, back connection

Available ranges: -0.1- 0 - 60MPa, -0.1 - 2.4MPa, -1-0-600bar

Windows: Acrylic, glass and polycarbonate lens available

Maximum working voltage: AC380V or DC220V

Contact Power:30VA, 10VA


Vacuum pressure gauge with electric contact 



Extensive use of supporting the petroleum, chemical, power plants, metallurgical and other industrial enterprises and electrical and mechanical equipment.

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